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Music School Management Software - The Big Picture


There are lots of software options for management of your music school or music studio, ranging from excel spreadsheets, to online scheduling services, to payment collection companies. I believe that if your goal is to make studio management a simple and effective process, and free yourself up for the creative things that give you your energy, then Integration is the answer.

Complete Studio Management Rocks!I hear stories all the time about lost customers, and lost revenues, simply because the slip of paper that was supposed to be entered in Quickbooks went missing!

So how does Integration help, you ask? Here are just a few of the ideas that can save you time and increase customer satisfaction and customer revenue:

  • Website-Admin System Integration:
    • Add a teacher and they are automatically featured on your website
    • Class fills and the website directs interested customers to contact you instead of register
    • Customer enrolls and their Account Receivable is updated with charges and payments, future payments are scheduled, they are added to the roster report, they get a confirmation, and they are on your email list
    • Potential customer asks for info on your website, and they are automatically included in your future marketing mailings
    • Customer looking for private lessons can reserve a timeslot based on your teacher(s) and room(s) availability
    • Customers manage their own changes to contact information
    • and many more...
  • Accounting - Class Roster integration:
    • Enrollments, drops and adds automatically update customer accounts
    • Payments scheduled and collected based on actual class/lesson enrollments
    • Customers can manage their own accounts and credit card information
    • etc...
  • Mailing - Admin integration
    • All customers and prospects automatically available for bulk emails
    • Easy to select customer "enrolled in X" or "with a student eligible for class Y"
    • etc..

Basically, it boils down to one key idea. You have a set of tasks to do every day to keep your school or studio running smoothly. Integration gives you one place to do it effectively, without repetition, and without switching from one system to another.

Maybe there is an integration idea you have that would make your life easier? Let me know, and perhaps I can get it included in our upcoming release of YourVirtuoso for you.


My biggest challenge is Billing 
I have 100 students with 3 teachers 
Mostly privates 
I chose to do an 8 week long session as my standard 
We have a hard time keeping track of attendance when a student misses and reschedules. It's hard to know when the 8 lessons are done and it becomes time to re enroll them. Any suggestions? I've tried jackrabbit and am now using studio helper.
Posted @ Thursday, March 10, 2011 10:10 PM by Chris
Thanks for the comment Chris. 
We have given some thought to private lesson management, and there can be a lot of variables. 
I assume your 8 week session is actually an 8 lesson schedule? That is, the student pays for 8 lessons, and you allow them to re-schedule so they may not actually be done in 8 weeks.  
Do you have limits on how long a session can be extended? 
The options we are looking at in YourVirtuoso are (1) to have the charges on a per lesson basis, with the ability to have payments automatically taken each month based on attendance, or (2) to have charges and payments applied per month, ignoring attendance (you can re-schedule students, but it does not affect charges). 
This is always a big studio management challenge. You have a good idea what fits your customers needs, and what fits your business needs, but if they are not consistent, or don't fit your admin system you can create a lot of unnecessary admin work. 
Let me know how your ideal studio admin system would handle registration and payments. I'll see what can be done! 
Posted @ Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:10 AM by Gerry Cobley
It sounds like what you're designing might fit most of our needs. Can you address these issues: 
1. We sub-contract our studio space to the teachers. In other words, students pay the teachers.... teachers pay the school a set amount based on the lessons they have taught that month. This is based on actual attendance of students.  
2. We would like a 'check in' capability - like a touch screen at the entrance of the studio that lists the students names who are expected to be coming in for their lessons... Each student could 'check in' when they arrive. This would enable us to incorporate incentive programs for students to be 'on time', as well as get a better idea of attendance statistics. 
3. We are looking for a program that would have a predictable cost each month (ie, NOT be tied to the number of students in our program) 
4. We would like to be able to access the information in a database to use in a variety of ways, including sending email reminders, advertisements, and others things... not tied to your program or offerings.  
5. We do not want a program where the information about our students will be lost if we ever terminate our relationship with you. 
6. We would like to be able to integrate the program with an existing website. 
Posted @ Wednesday, April 06, 2011 3:16 PM by Joyce Harkey
How about a place for teachers to write notes about lessons that their students/parents can log on to and access?
Posted @ Wednesday, April 06, 2011 5:38 PM by Joyce
Great questions Joyce!  
I see you have been doing some serious thinking - Here are my thoughts on those issues: 
1. Teacher pay: Our current approach is to have a report that shows attendance by teacher/class & student. My question for you is whether you need tuition fees included in the report somehow, or just the attendance data? 
2. We currently only allow admins or teachers to manage attendance. I am not sure how to handle security for the system you suggest. Having a student login might be too clumsy. ID cards and a scanner has been used, but starts to add expense to the implementation. If you have a good idea how to do this simply, and avoid a student checking in the wrong name etc. I would love to take a closer look. 
3. We plan a flat rate service. If you use our integrated merchant account there would be fees based on payments of course. 
4. You can create custom "reports" selecting which students by a number of criteria, and export those as csv files to excel etc. Is that what you are looking for? 
5. As above, you can always export your customers and prospects if you no longer use the system. 
6. You can certainly do this using links and embeds of various types. What we are striving for, however, is to strike a balance that gives you all (most) of the flexibility in website design you want within YourVirtuoso, while avoiding the need to start from scratch or constantly update location, staff, class, curriculum information. I know you may have invested time and money in a website, so this may not work for you, but the simplicity of a fully integrated website is worth a lot... 
Your idea about teacher notes for students is great. I'll give that some thought. 
Thanks for the input, 
Posted @ Tuesday, April 12, 2011 4:52 PM by Gerry Cobley
Automated and user friendly interface is something that we need to look out for in a school management software. Managing all students, their exams, courses, notes and attendance completely in a same platform is the best software we can get. 
We use GreenGurukul - for school management.
Posted @ Tuesday, November 05, 2013 12:18 PM by Archana
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